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Bunkering Company TransOilBunker Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. Major fields of activity are petroleum products wholesale, bunkering of the vessels, transportation of petroleum products.

During establishing and developing the company has proved itself as a solid and faith partner and became known both among Russian shipowners and ship operators and among foreign shipping companies and international bunker traders and brokers.

The company is a physical supplier of bunker fuels for Russian and foreign vessels calling at ports of the Southern Primorsky Krai. The company effects bunkering in the ports of Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Vostochny, Posiet, Zarubino, Slavyanka, Kozmino, Bolshoy Kamen etc. The major grades of the bunker fuel under supply are: IFO-180, IFO-120, IFO-30, MGO. All the fuel oil prior to the supply shall pass the quality control and fully correspond to the Russian GOST and international standard ISO 8217 requirements. The company owns five tankers with the deadweight from 600 to 3350 tons which allow to effect bunkering operations and deliver marine fuels to the vessels. One of tankers is equipped with the blender for production of IFO-30 grade.

Petroleum products transportation

Apart from the usage of the companys fleet for the bunkering, the tankers are also used for the petroleum products transportation both in the intra-port and in the interportal service.  The company also renders the barging services i.e. bunkering as a freight carrier for the third parties.

The tanker  with the deadweight of 3350 tons that has non-limited sailing range let us effect petroleum products transportation to the Russian Far East ports, including Magadan, Kamchatka, Sakhalin and also effect bunkering of the fishing vessels in the open seas in the regions of the marine bioresources catching in the Russian exclusive economic zone.

The company also owns petroleum tank cars with the capacity from 6 to 20 cubic meters which are able to supply light grades of oil products to the coast enterprises within Primorsky Krai, such cars can be leased to third parties also.

Bunkering Company TransOilBunker Co., Ltd. activity is based on professionalism and reliability establishing a reputation as a solid partner among foreign companies of Japan, China, Republic of Korea, Hong-Kong, Singapore. The company carries on cooperation with the majority of the foreign international bunker traders and brokers.

Individual and professional approach towards any issues and requirements of the customers let our personnel render the services fast and in the most efficient way. Highly experienced personnel of the company not only arranges transactions fast and properly, but also is in a position to give a professional piece of advices to the customers concerning vessel bunkering with optimal conditions within the shortest time-limit.

The company cooperates with many international analytic and consulting enterprises and magazines.

 In November 2007 Bunkering Company TransOilBunker Co., Ltd. has become a member of the International Bunker Industry Association (certificate 1118).

In December 2010 the Company has become a member of the Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers (Certificate 55).